October 27. 2021

08.10-10.10.21: Annual general meeting in Rethem (Aller)

After a Corona break of almost 2 years, the members met for the annual general meeting in Rethem (Aller). Sabine and Alexander Prenzel were the organizers and hosts of the meeting this year. Of course we had many important topics on the meeting program after such a long time. But there was also time for a nice excursion to the historical Celle and of course for our legendary UHB auction at the host company.
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October 27. 2021

Treasure instead of debris

In painstaking handwork, Mr. and Mrs. Prenzel from the company "Historische Baustoffe Prenzel" together with their team remove old buildings. Of the salvaged building materials, almost 60% can be reused. Whether historic plain tiles, windows, beams, doors or clinker bricks - they give all these building materials a second life through salvage and resale. It is important to Prenzels that builders as well as architects should generally consider recycling more. Only in this way can new buildings be designed more ecologically in the future.
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September 28. 2021

Sustainability: The building material hunters

Sabine & Alexander Prenzel have their large building materials warehouse in 27336 Rethem, about 30 km from the Lüneburger Heide. As building material hunters, they search for, collect and sell historical materials such as wall stones, half-timbered beams, beaver tails, iron windows, doors, etc. together in elaborate manual work. In the NDR documentary bay Nora Stoewer, they organise the dismantling of an old three-storey farmhouse.
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June 23. 2020

Building materials with patina

About 10 years ago Alexander and Sabine Prenzel founded their company "Historische Baustoffe Prenzel" in Lower Saxony. In their warehouse customers can find historical doors, windows, bricks and roof tiles, floor tiles and much more. The business with historical elements is currently booming. There are several reasons for this.
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