What are historical building materials?

General definition:

Historical building materials are building materials from old craft or historical industrial production, i.e. larger, made-to-measure individual parts such as windows, doors, stairs and archways, but also particularly small-format individual parts, so-called mass building materials, such as brick products, wood of all kinds and carved natural stones. Their appearance documents their history and function, their patina is a testimony of age and aging.

Is it now historical or antique building materials, historical or antique building materials or perhaps historical or antique building elements?

In 1992, the "founding fathers" of the association decided to use the term "historical building materials" to define them:

Historical building materials are building materials from pre-industrial or early industrial production that are recovered during demolitions.

In the meantime it can be said that the term "historical building materials" has established itself as a collective term. If individual companies now trade under names such as antique building materials, historical building materials, antique building materials, historical building elements or antique building elements, then this is often for historical reasons and designates less a clearly deviating product range.

At this point we can present you some picture galleries of the materials. However, we will make every effort to provide you with direct information on the individual product groups.

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