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Do you buy historical building materials?

Yes, simply place your offer via our purchase tool (Click here for). All member companies will then automatically receive your offer. If you are interested, the dealers will contact you.

Are you looking for specific historical building materials for me?

Yes, you can submit your request via this website (Click here for). All member companies will receive your application. If the dealers can offer you something suitable, you will receive an offer from them.

Do you restore and use historical building materials?

Some of our association colleagues are active in the field of restoration/installation. Please contact your regional supplier and ask them.

Do you give a warranty/guarantee on the products or the service?

Since most of the products come from pre-industrial and handcrafted production, certification is usually not possible. It is best to ask your supplier.

Do you convert complete buildings?

Currently we have a member company for translocation (Link: Historische Baustoffe Ostalb). If you have any questions, please contact the company directly.

Do you organize deliveries?

As a rule, all dealers organise deliveries to Germany or worldwide. Ask your supplier about the costs.

Do you also collect historical building materials from me?

Yes, but sometimes this requires the use of special vehicles. Each supplier has different packaging requirements for the collected goods. For small items and very small quantities, dealers sometimes also ask for delivery. It is best to clarify this with the collecting dealer.

How much do I get if I offer you historical building materials?

There are many private customers who are happy when we simply collect the items free of charge and thus contribute to saving building materials and conserving resources. However, we cannot answer this question as a lump sum. Clarify this with the respective dealer.

Can I store my purchased building materials with you? If so, what does it cost?

Every dealer has his own terms and conditions. So just ask the dealer of your choice.

Can you recommend craftsmen or restorers?

As a rule, the companies have collected contacts with craftsmen/restorers over many years. Contact your dealer. He will be happy to help you.

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