Member meeting 2019

The Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe e.V., or UHB for short, is an association of suppliers of historical building materials and antique building materials for reuse.

History of origins

30 years UHBIn the spring of 1992, 14 entrepreneurs founded the UHB with headquarters in St. Georgen in the Black Forest. All founders had in common the desire to counteract the large-scale destruction of historical building materials. They started from the realization that these building materials are cultural assets that describe our building and living culture and provide information about craftsmanship, some of which had long since passed away. In addition to the general goal of defining the sensible and responsible use of historical building materials and bringing them closer to the general public, it was also important to define the way in which this was done. This resulted in a code of honour, which precedes the articles of association as a preamble:

The architectural heritage is an irreplaceable expression of the richness and diversity of human culture. The preservation of this heritage in its ancestral place is a priority for us. Only when it is no longer possible to preserve historical buildings in their ancestral places do we consider it our duty, for cultural, historical and ecological reasons, to preserve these buildings in their entirety or parts thereof for posterity through careful selective deconstruction. The preservation of cultural assets and the conservation of resources are the focus of our work.

The association currently has 30 members and a constantly growing number of supporting members. The active interest of these people proves the importance and sense of the reuse of historical building materials.

Executive Board

The new board of directors elected in October 2021: Olaf Elias, Alexandra Sauer-Bug and Sabine Prenzel(from left to right). Elias and Sauer-Bug stood for re-election, Prenzel replaces Alexander Jerx as third board member.

C.H. Freudenberger
Honorary member and founding managing director
H. Christoph Freudenberger
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