Contribution and fee regulations of the Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe e.V. (Historical Building Materials Association)

At the general meeting on 03.05.2013, the members adopted the following amendment to the fee schedule (last amended on 19.10.2012) with effect from 1.1.2014:

§ 1 Amount of contributions

The annual fee for ordinary members is 1,200 € per year.
Members with an annual net turnover of less than 100.000,- € in the previous year receive a 50% reduction for the current year (i.e. to 600,- € annual fee), if they present a corresponding confirmation of their tax advisor to the office by 31.1. of the current year. If necessary, a current confirmation must be submitted again in the following year in order to receive the reduction in contributions again. In the case of new business start-ups and joining the UHB in the first financial year, the reduced contribution automatically applies to the first financial year.
For the turnover limit the total net turnover of the enterprise counts, even if it is not achieved with historical building materials.

The admission fee for ordinary members is a one-time fee of 250 €.

The annual fee for supporting members is 100,- € per year.

§ 2 Collection of fees

All contributions are collected by direct debit.
The annual fee for supporting members is due in January of the respective year.
The normal membership fees are invoiced for 3 months, due at the beginning of each quarter.

§ 3 Allocations

The general meeting may decide to pay special dues (levies) for certain projects, but not more than 250 € per member and year.

The provisions on reduced dues apply accordingly.

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