Promotion of the reuse of historical building materials

Because the reuse of construction elements is recycling at the highest level of value!

Preserving cultural assets

We would like to make it clear that valuable cultural assets are irretrievably lost without the reuse of historical buildings. Only through salvage, refurbishment, reuse, even the relocation of entire buildings, called translocation, is historical building fabric seen as a valuable cultural asset and thus protected from destruction!

Public Relations

The UHB tries to raise awareness through public relations work, to sensitize people to the topic and to bring them into conversation.

The organisation of supplier companies

The UHB organises suppliers of historical building materials. Because only together you are strong!
In addition to providing internal services for its entrepreneurial members, the association also sees its statutory tasks in informing and sensitising the public.

Conserving resources

At the same time, companies are making a contribution to reducing the consumption of resources.

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