April 19. 2024

Members Rupp and Knapp in an interview with talked to our two members Hubert Rupp and Thomas Knapp about historical timber.
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December 20. 2022

11 steps to sustainable historic preservation

A report in the current Monumente issue of December 2022, the magazine of the German Foundation for Monument Protection. Especially step 8 describes the sense of doing in an impressive way. Worth reading!
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December 2. 2022

Our member Historische Baustoffe Ostalb in 2 newspaper articles

Our member Historische Baustoffe Ostalb with two large articles in the Geislinger Zeitung from 19.10.2022 and the Schwäbische Zeitung from 10.11.2022. Both articles can be viewed or downloaded as PDF files.
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September 12. 2022

Historische Baustoffe Ostalb to be seen on TV

Our member Martin Häberle can be seen with his company Historische Baustoffe Ostalb on Wednesday, 21.9.2022 at 18.15 in the SWR. For the series made in Südwest the SWR accompanied him with a camera…
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May 19. 2022

Member Jürgen Zmelty at SWR "made in Südwest

SWR visited our member Jürgen Zmelty and produced a 30-minute report on the sustainability of historic building materials.
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October 27. 2021

Treasure instead of debris

In painstaking handwork, Mr. and Mrs. Prenzel from the company "Historische Baustoffe Prenzel" together with their team remove old buildings. Of the salvaged building materials, almost 60% can be reused. Whether historic plain tiles, windows, beams, doors or clinker bricks - they give all these building materials a second life through salvage and resale. It is important to Prenzels that builders as well as architects should generally consider recycling more. Only in this way can new buildings be designed more ecologically in the future.
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October 5. 2021

Specialist recycles antique building materials

Building materials dealer Gerd Bose and his son Nico take care of the dismantling of old buildings. In the process, they collect building materials, some of which are several hundred years old. You have to live with small defects or "quirks". But that is simply part of the old material. Especially now, in times of raw material scarcity, it is worth thinking about reuse. Moreover, reuse also saves CO2, because bricks, for example, do not have to be re-fired.
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September 28. 2021

Sustainability: The building material hunters

Sabine & Alexander Prenzel have their large building materials warehouse in 27336 Rethem, about 30 km from the Lüneburger Heide. As building material hunters, they search for, collect and sell historical materials such as wall stones, half-timbered beams, beaver tails, iron windows, doors, etc. together in elaborate manual work. In the NDR documentary bay Nora Stoewer, they organise the dismantling of an old three-storey farmhouse.
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February 3. 2021

Modernize old house

It is a small but convinced fan community: renovators and builders who use historic building materials in their projects. A certain fascination emanates from building materials and building elements that have already been used once. The motive is often to preserve history. Specialized dealers sell the corresponding goods.
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January 15. 2021

Stone rich Lübeck

Lübeck is known for its brick architecture. Because of the beautiful facades, tourists come to visit the Hanseatic city, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a good 30 years. Mathias Jürgensen, who has his exhibition warehouse about 1.5 hours away from Lübeck, deals in old bricks. The bricks are removed, cleaned and palletized in elaborate manual work. In the process, each brick is a piece of building culture. Around 100,000 bricks of different types - all from Schleswig Holstein - are stored in his brick yard.
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