The German Trust for historical building materials est. 1992 (UHB)

Welcome to the world of rescued historical building materials in Central Europe.

The goal

The aim of the UHB is to promote the reuse of historic building materials.
In addition to the internal service for its entrepreneurial members, the association sees its tasks according to the statutes also in the information and sensitization of the public. He wants to make it clear that without the reuse of historical buildings valuable cultural assets are irretrievably lost.

At the same time, companies are helping to reduce their consumption of resources: the reuse of components is recycling at the highest level.

Our member-companies drive their business as proud enthusiasts for searching, rescueing and servicing old materials as for example bricks, fences, doors, floorings, objects, handles, interiors, chimneys, antiques, and,and… and many more.

Actually we are 30 and over the years 80 ownerguided member-companies in different sizes from 1 to 12 employees.

We welcome you to enter our website to surf through our offers and find your special items choice for your embellishment of your home, business and monuments.

See you at our historic-building-material –yards all over Germany – many of us deliver worldwide!

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