Like every year, there is an annual meeting in autumn and a meeting in spring. This year the 40th will take place in Müllheim/Markgräflerland on 3-5 May 2013. You don't have to say much about the venue anymore. The following keywords should suffice: Tuscany of Germany, triangle of three countries, winegrower yards, Badische kitchen, historical city centre, vacation goal....

Participants are the UHB members with families and coworkers in addition, guests interested in the topic and a membership. Information can be obtained from the office.

The conference program, a balanced mixture of information, further training, sociability, is fixed except for small things and begins on Friday noon at 14.30 with the treatment of association topics in the conference hotel Alte Post in Müllheim. In the evening we drive to the company Langenbeck Historische Türen in Freiburg, where we examine the collected treasures, have dinner and let the day end. On Saturday we will start with a main topic in the conference room and drive to the company Rupp Historische Baustoffe in Hartheim around noon. A tour of the plant and a snack are planned there. The next stop is a visit to the restorer E.Grether in Auggen, where we can see several newly installed historical building materials in a beautiful courtyard from the 18th century.

The last item on the agenda on Saturday is the visit of the company S.Juhnke Historische Baustoffe in Müllheim. Saturday ends here with a visit to the camp, dinner and possibly live music.

The highlight of the event promises to be a visit to the flea market in Belfort on Sunday. At 7.00 a.m. we take the bus across the border to France to actively participate in a large flea market. Interpreters and transport aids are available so that successful purchases can be made there. Back at the Müllheim the spring meeting will be over by noon.

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