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We recover historical building materials and components and trade with bricks, roof tiles, wooden beams, planking,

Recycling of old buildings, selective dismantling, professional salvage and storage of historical building materials and components are her great passion. They are driven by the desire to dismantle entire buildings piece by piece and to create something new from them.

Within just a few years, Brita Marx has managed to add two further pillars to a demolition company and container service, which, in her view, have almost inevitably opened up.

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Living history - shaping the future:
Brita Marx History in LuckenwaldeToday, the historic building materials and building material parts including the building component exchange, the antique market with beautiful specimens and the container and demolition service with which everything once began can be found on the huge grounds of the Frankenhof.

Originating from the idea of sustainability and environmental protection, Brita Marx's history will bring true treasures back into a continuous cycle.

From bricks, roof tiles, beams and floorboards to windows, fittings and furniture, not only restorers and owners of listed buildings will find everything their hearts desire here, but also simple lovers of a patina worth protecting, which cannot be replaced by anything else.

It's not about living in the past, says Brita Marx, it's about monument conservation and the present of history.

Worth a trip alone: The Luckenwalder History Market.

On a total of 1,200 square metres of interior space, the Brita Marx History also offers an extraordinary assortment of antique utensils and exquisite unique pieces. They were lovingly arranged in 12 rooms to form ensembles.

What gives the rooms their irresistible charm is their design with historical building materials and components. Stones, planks, beams and windows make the antique furniture, lamps, pictures and nipples come into their own.

Whether professional restorers, craftsmen or enthusiastic do-it-yourself enthusiasts, you will find here not only historical building materials but also suggestions for further use.


Brita Marx Historie
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Brita Marx
Frankenhof 3
14943 Luckenwalde
+49 03371 / 69 20-36
+49 0172 / 3979700
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