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For about twenty years we have been collecting, processing and distributing original historical building materials, including beams and boards, roof tiles, fences and grids, bricks, parquet, slabs and tiles, columns, stairs, troughs, doors and panelling.


Trade with historical building materials such as bricks, roof tiles, slates, floor boards, parquet, floor slabs, tiles, doors, fittings. In our own carpenter's workshop, we ensure perfect usability of all materials thanks to our leaching plant and climatic chamber for thermal pest control. There we also plan and manufacture unique furniture, country house furnishings and kitchens from old wood, for example including old floor boards, windows and shutters. In principle, the following applies: Whether in interior design, for decorative purposes, for furniture construction or as pure art objects - the creative uses of historical building materials beyond their original use are manifold and there are virtually no limits to the imagination. Just let us inspire you! We will be happy to advise you in detail after making an appointment, because our wide range of stock has grown to a stately size in the meantime.

In addition, you will also find high-quality antiques and old furniture, as well as many articles and creative ideas for home and garden decoration. Of course we are also the right contact for professional restoration work. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we serve delicious cakes, exquisite tea and coffee specialities, homemade waffles and refreshing drinks in our small country house café.

We are looking forward to your visit!


Antikwerk GmbH Marc Pollack und Stefan Heise
Contact person:
Antikwerk Pollack und Heise
Gut Glaserhof
86488 Breitenthal
+49 08282 / 828741
+49 08282 / 828742 (Fax)
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