October 23. 2020

Go there: From old to new

On the way in the Middle Rhine Valley - a river valley where much remains as it was. Master carpenter Jürgen Zmelty from Lahnstein collects mainly doors, windows and wood - everything that is old, used and sorted out. The things are used, of course, but that is what makes them so charming for him. He tries to preserve the old and create something new from it, such as beautiful mirrors in a processed old wooden frame. Historical building materials - this is also sustainable, which earned him the Federal Environment Award. In addition to carpenter Zmelty, the article introduces a winegrower, a pebble collector and self-made artist, a sculptor, a rafting sightseeing tour operator, a restorer and country inn operator.
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June 24. 2020

This is how it is in Berlin: Collectors of antiques

Bei Olaf Elias werden alte Fundstücke unsterblich! Insbesondere historische Großobjekte aus der ehemaligen DDR finden ihre Abnehmer und lassen sich wunderbar in Lofts einbauen oder dienen als…
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June 23. 2020

Building materials with patina

About 10 years ago Alexander and Sabine Prenzel founded their company "Historische Baustoffe Prenzel" in Lower Saxony. In their warehouse customers can find historical doors, windows, bricks and roof tiles, floor tiles and much more. The business with historical elements is currently booming. There are several reasons for this.
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March 25. 2020

On the road in Brandenburg - the magazine

A general store with antiques, an open-air museum of curiosities: in Marwitz there is 2 hectares of space to browse and marvel at. Everything seems like a giant played with antiques.
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January 2. 2020

HÄUSER magazine: The charm of historical building materials

Historical building materials are in vogue, and not only because of their better ecological balance. Those who recycle old materials in a construction project create buildings and interiors that tell stories.
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April 10. 2019

Historic brick floors

The Antik-Stein company from Sören Niebuhr mainly deals with the professional dismantling of old buildings and the associated salvage of stones. It is also shown on installation / laying examples how the historical bricks are reused.
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March 1. 2019

Historically valuable

Door specialist Olaf Elias, with around 3,000 doors in stock, presents its treasures to the power tool company FESTOOL. Here, professional craftsmen, who carefully work on the old substance, can find beautiful old building doors, large house entrance doors as well as antique wooden doors for their customers. Of course, the huge warehouse offers further real historical treasures such as windows made of wood and iron or old brass fittings.
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September 21. 2018

Saving and recycling building history

Often at the last minute, Olaf Elias learns that, for example, an old villa in Berlin-Grunewald is being demolished. Then it is necessary to quickly contact the site manager and instruct the employees to carry out the recovery in order to save the irretrievable wall reliefs of the house facade.
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June 8. 2018

An article about our member "Historische Baustoffe Ostalb" in a local newspaper

A journalist from the Heidenheimer Zeitung deliberately went into the visual overload and yet found the forest under trees. Everything is captured in this text and in the photographer's beautiful picture series.
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June 1. 2018

A marble pavilion from Alexandria

In Marwitz sammelt und verkauft Olaf Elias erhaltenswertes Material aus der Baugeschichte.
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