In keeping with the 25th anniversary of the association, the 50th meeting of members took place in Söhnstetten on the Swabian Alb at the company Historische Baustoffe Ostalb. As usual, this meeting in spring was about an attractive mixture of association topics, professional exchange and the cultivation of personal contacts.

After 2012, the club members met for the second time at Martin Häberle (HBO) in Söhnstetten on the Swabian Alb. It was very impressive to see how this business has developed in the meantime. A second historical building, the former schoolhouse of Steinheim, was tranzlocated to the company premises and served as a conference venue for this event. The range and stock of selected historical building materials has continued to increase and leaves nothing to be desired. In this sense, it is an ideal meeting place for UHB members.

Friday 19. May 2017

The meeting began with a debriefing of the UHB's presence at the denkmal trade fair in Leipzig in November 2016.

Members reported on their own experiences and adventures at the fair. Afterwards, the advertising effectiveness of the trade fair presentation was discussed. Finally, the trade fair presence was intended to strengthen the public perception of the UHB and its members. This was certainly achieved.

The rainy and surprisingly cold weather of the Ostalb provided for a long but fruitful discussion, so that on Friday already more points than planned on the agenda could be settled.

The day came to an end with a joint dinner at the Hotel Kreuz in Steinheim/Albuch, including a subsequent personal exchange.

Saturday 20. May 2017

Since some physical exercise can never hurt, Saturday started with a little hike through the rocky sea of the valley of Wental, so that all participants were hungry enough for the barbecue afterwards.

In the afternoon, Alexander Prenzel gave an interesting lecture on national and European regulations on working, driving and rest times in road traffic. From the facial expressions of the audience it was clearly visible that there was some news to be heard, which had not been known so far.

As a reassuring conclusion, there were a few tips on load securing and its legal regulations.
Then, before the setting sun, the traditional internal auction of historical objects that had been brought along took place. Once again, many a gem was there.

In the evening, the suckling pig on the barbecue was just right and the day came to an end with good food and drinks around the campfire. Thus the official part of the UHB spring meeting ended. Some of the colleagues met again on Sunday at Martin Häberle's place on Gerstetter Berg.

Sunday 21.May 2017

Member Alexander Prenzel reported on load securing (part 2 of the lecture) and its legal basis with tips and tricks for practical use.

To conclude, reports and news from the companies.

A few photos of the weekend

Photos: Bernd Klenk

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