Whenever the denkmal takes place in Leipzig and that is every two years, we hold our annual general meeting on Sunday after the fair has ended. This is simply a good idea, as this combination of dates gives the members one more reason to take on the long journey to Leipzig.

Impressions of the evening
Impressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the eveningImpressions of the evening

But there was another reason to spend this weekend in Leipzig. At our general meetings it is not only about club topics, but at least as important, about the exchange of colleagues among each other. For most of us the most important thing.
And our 1st board Olaf Elias knows that too. Together with Nicole Wilken he has chosen a very nice, historical restaurant, the Reinhardts in the restaurant of the Alte Nikolaischule, in the city of Leipzig and invited us to dinner. Food and drink were good, the conversations between colleagues were valuable and inspiring.

On Sunday morning the general meeting took place in the conference room of the fair hotel. The internal meetings of the association were the beginning, various reviews and outlooks followed and finally there was a round "News from the companies". As always, this agenda item provides interesting insights into the manifold development efforts of our member companies. At noon the event ended.


This time the UHB's appearance at the fair in Leipzig was much slimmer.

That was only logical, because we could not lift the material battle of 2016, which resulted from the promise to carry out three auctions of historical building material, a second time. What was initially regretted by everyone, especially by numerous trade fair visitors, proved to be correct.
So it was possible for the active members on the booth and the managing director to focus on the UHB on all three days.

What was positive?

Based on the fact that denkmal is a trade fair that also only serves a niche, the number of visits to the UHB stand was very good to good. The visitors, and that is not surprising, were all experts who asked clear questions.

But there were also the others

Adult people who work in the industry, who didn't know anything about us yet! For this category, their visit to the fair and our participation in the fair was definitely worth it. Mind you: we have been around for 26 years now. Overall, the mood at the trade fair was good, which certainly had something to do with the fact that the considerable potential of the "monument niche" was recognisable. By the way, this assessment is shared by all members of the trade fair advisory board to which the UHB also belongs.

The best

However, the best thing about denkmal 2018 was the award of a gold medal to the company of Thomas Knapp, our former, long-standing board member, for their achievements in the preservation of historical monuments in Europe (see photos). After a gold medal in 1998 for the UHB and a gold medal in 2016 for Markus Stritzinger, this is a great success rate that pays tribute to our tireless commitment. We can really be happy about that.

Since there were also doubts as to whether it would make sense to participate again in 2018, the successful balance has dispelled these doubts. It is still important for the UHB e.V. to show its colours in Leipzig.

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