As already announced, the Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe e.V. (Association of Historical Building Materials) (UHB) will be auctioning off 60 historical objects from its members' holdings on all three days of the "denkmal" trade fair from 10 to 12 November 2016 from 4.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. Two years ago, for the first time held on one day with 60 offers, it was a logistical challenge to prepare a total of 180 representative objects for the "denkmal" for the offers of the UHB members. All offered objects are to be visited during the three fair days live on the shop floors of the UHB.

On the first two days of the fair, small and large objects of the "daily building material requirement" will be offered, from the first-class preserved baroque iron door to almost sensationally large wooden planks to tile teaks from the turn of the century and filigree brass and cast iron works. There is something for (almost) every need and (almost) every taste. Not all offers are building materials in the narrower sense, but all offers are originals from three centuries.

The third day of the auction will then be devoted entirely to the design of the exterior: the UHB will offer everything it needs on its own display area in the form of a trade fair café: From seating to garden tables to fence elements and decorative individual pieces. On the last auction day, the entire UHB Messecafé will be auctioned off piece by piece, although the mobile coffee stand of the trade fair company, which is also stationed there, will be excluded.

UHB and Messegesellschaft are particularly excited about a further innovation: 40 of the 180 offers will be auctioned off without a limit, exciting bidder duels are pre-programmed and promise all participants a lively and entertaining course of the auctions.

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