May 19. 2022

Member Jürgen Zmelty at SWR "made in Südwest

SWR visited our member Jürgen Zmelty and produced a 30-minute report on the sustainability of historic building materials.
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October 23. 2020

Go there: From old to new

On the way in the Middle Rhine Valley - a river valley where much remains as it was. Master carpenter Jürgen Zmelty from Lahnstein collects mainly doors, windows and wood - everything that is old, used and sorted out. The things are used, of course, but that is what makes them so charming for him. He tries to preserve the old and create something new from it, such as beautiful mirrors in a processed old wooden frame. Historical building materials - this is also sustainable, which earned him the Federal Environment Award. In addition to carpenter Zmelty, the article introduces a winegrower, a pebble collector and self-made artist, a sculptor, a rafting sightseeing tour operator, a restorer and country inn operator.
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