May 18. 2022

May 13.-15: Annual general meeting in Breisgau

The annual general meeting took place this year in Breisgau. The anniversary was the occasion for our three members Florian Langenbeck, Sebastian Juhnke and Hubert Rupp to put together an ambitious program.
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October 27. 2021

08.10-10.10.21: Annual general meeting in Rethem (Aller)

After a Corona break of almost 2 years, the members met for the annual general meeting in Rethem (Aller). Sabine and Alexander Prenzel were the organizers and hosts of the meeting this year. Of course we had many important topics on the meeting program after such a long time. But there was also time for a nice excursion to the historical Celle and of course for our legendary UHB auction at the host company.
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February 3. 2021

Modernize old house

It is a small but convinced fan community: renovators and builders who use historic building materials in their projects. A certain fascination emanates from building materials and building elements that have already been used once. The motive is often to preserve history. Specialized dealers sell the corresponding goods.
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December 17. 2020

Ancient substance

"Off-the-peg" houses as well as individually planned houses experience an individualization and their personal charm through historical building elements. This is an option that many a house builder likes to fall back on. "In a mix of styles, new and old face each other in a complementary way and enhance the other," describes Elias - 1st board member of the Entrepreneur Association Historical Building Materials e.V. - this architectural and emotionalizing stylistic device.
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January 30. 2020

General meeting 15.05.-17.05.20 cancelled cause of Corona

The meeting planned for this spring could unfortunately not take place due to the pandemic.
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January 2. 2020

HÄUSER magazine: The charm of historical building materials

Historical building materials are in vogue, and not only because of their better ecological balance. Those who recycle old materials in a construction project create buildings and interiors that tell stories.
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November 15. 2019

25-27.10.19: Annual general meeting in Fulda

This year the annual general meeting took place in beautiful Fulda. The host this time was the stonemason Karl Bug. The company reworks antique stone objects for garden and home. For more than 80 years, however, it has also been producing high-quality gravestones from a wide variety of materials.
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May 30. 2019

17.-19.5.19: General meeting in Deensen

For the 54th meeting Thomas Knapp invited this time, as before in autumn 2013, to the Weserbergland. On the weekend from 17 to 19 May it was time for the colleagues from all parts of Germany to come to Deensen.
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November 30. 2018

8.-10.11.18: Annual general meeting in Leipzig & Messe denkmal

Whenever the denkmal takes place in Leipzig and that is every two years, we hold our annual general meeting on Sunday after the fair has ended.
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June 1. 2018

4.-6.5.18: General meeting in Marwitz and Berlin

For the 52nd member meeting our new 1st board Olaf Elias and Nicole Wilken had thought up something very special. The garden city Frohnau, a guided tour in the Hedwig Bollhagen workshops and Clärchen's Ballhaus in Berlin
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November 20. 2017

27.-29.10.17: Annual general meeting in Endschütz

We had great expectations of this meeting. Unknown place, important decisions and decisions, all this made us travel to Thuringia with excitement. And we were not disappointed. All is well, that means in New German, but read for yourself.
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June 1. 2017

SZ article: In former times everything was more beautiful

On 9.6.2017 a nice article about the phenomenon of historical building materials and the UHB appeared in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. ...weakness for old things, the addiction for things with history...
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May 26. 2017

19-21.5.17: General meeting in Söhnstetten

The club members met for the second time at Martin Häberle (HBO) in Söhnstetten on the Swabian Alb
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December 9. 2016

"Separating building rubble saves money" - a tip from H. Christoph Freudenberger

In the article "Separating building rubble saves cash money" the managing director of the UHB, H. Christoph Freudenberger, gives tips on how to save waste fees or even make cash out of the building materials.
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December 9. 2016

10-12.11.16: Annual general meeting in Leipzig & Messe denkmal

The preparations of the UHB lasted more than one year, on November 10th it was time, the denkmal 2016 opened its doors and the UHB was present with a broad mass presence.
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November 20. 2016

"Open the door - light on", a special exhibition at the open-air museum Cloppenburg

The Oldenburg civil engineer, professional and university lecturer Prof. Dr. Klaus Struve, has been collecting lights and door fittings from the Gründerzeit, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Classic Modern periods for five decades.
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October 11. 2016

Large auction at denkmal Leipzig

As already announced, the Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe e.V. (Association of Historical Building Materials) (UHB) will be auctioning off 60 historical objects from its members' holdings on all three days of the "denkmal" trade fair from 10 to 12 November 2016 from 4.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
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September 5. 2016

Draughtsman Müller decorates the UHB appearance in Leipzig

Slowly but surely an overall picture is emerging for the UHB's appearance at denkmal in Leipzig in November.
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April 11. 2016

We grieve for Theo Holtebrinck

On the evening of 30 March 2016 we received the sad news that our colleague Theo Holtebrinck had died on the same day. This news was as surprising as it was shocking for us, because we had called Theo Holtebrinck the day before and even the night before.
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March 1. 2016

Asked by H. Christoph Freudenberger - Interview with the editorial staff of "denkmal

In the article for the "Denkmalbrief" newsletter, Managing Director H. Christoph Freudenberger talks about the association, the denkmal trade fair in Leipzig and the current challenges facing heritage conservation and restoration in Germany.
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October 21. 2015

16-18.10.15: Annual general meeting in Aachen

Important decisions had to be made at the general meeting in Aachen. On the one hand the board had to be newly elected and on the other hand important decisions had to be made regarding the participation of the UHB at the denkmal 2016 in Leipzig.
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August 21. 2015

Half-timbered renovation with sure instinct - an article in the newspaper Die Welt

The article "Fachwerk-Sanierung mit Fingerspitzengefühl" in the newspaper "Die Welt" reports about the topic "Fachwerk-Sanierung", the UHB and the development of the Fachwerk scene.
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July 17. 2015

Attention, construction site farm! Conversion and restoration of an old farmhouse

A children's book also for adults. On the subject of "historical building materials", this book explains with great drawings and photos how an old, listed farm can be converted into a holiday farm and restored.
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April 28. 2015

Holidays in a listed building - Historical building materials in a holiday home

The idea of offering restored monuments as holiday homes very close to their original condition has been inspiring UHB Managing Director H.Christoph Freudenberger since the 1990s. The WP61 Railway Keeper's House on the Black Forest Railway is such an object!
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