April 19. 2024

Members Rupp and Knapp in an interview with talked to our two members Hubert Rupp and Thomas Knapp about historical timber.
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November 27. 2020

The ÖKO-Patchwork-Palace

The administration of the Neustadt public utility company in Schleswig-Holstein was built from old reused building components. The 1,600 square meter façade of the Eco-Patchwork Palace was made of old oak beams that came from farmhouses in Lower Saxony. The supplier of the sawn oak beams was the company Thomas Knapp Historische Baustoffe GmbH. The more than 100-year-old street lamp, which supports the foyer of the staircase inside the building, was also made by the building materials dealer Knapp, who in turn bought it from his dealer colleague Florian Langenbeck. Translated with (free version)
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July 11. 2019

Our member Thomas Knapp relaunched his new website

Refreshed, relaunched, recycled ... no matter which word you finally want to use: Almost exactly 20 years after our first website, a new, fourth version has gone online.
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May 30. 2019

17.-19.5.19: General meeting in Deensen

For the 54th meeting Thomas Knapp invited this time, as before in autumn 2013, to the Weserbergland. On the weekend from 17 to 19 May it was time for the colleagues from all parts of Germany to come to Deensen.
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March 13. 2019

Our member KNAPP is represented at the Internorga in Hamburg

The Internorga was held in Hamburg on Friday, 15 March 2019. "The leading trade fair for the entire out-of-home market" lasts five days up to and including Tuesday, 19 March and KNAPP will be present for the second time, as in the previous year.
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March 1. 2019

Modern recycled façade made of historical reused oak boards

The client wanted a comprehensive sustainability concept for the new building of the municipal utility branch at the gates of Neustadt in Holstein. The company Thomas Knapp Historische Baustoffe supplied the old wood for the outer facade.
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November 24. 2018

A denkmal-gold medal for Knapp Historical Building Materials

It was a nice surprise for Thomas Knapp at the end of this year's denkmal in Leipzig when he and his staff were invited to the medal ceremony on stage.
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September 22. 2016

KNAPP at denkmal: We make everything out of historical oak

Thomas Knapp Historische Baustoffe GmbH" took part in this year's "denkmal" for the first time as an exhibitor at "denkmal 2014" with the same concept and to a greater extent.
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August 19. 2015

Make more beautiful with antique building materials - UHB-Members Country Style

The magazine Country Style introduces the companies of our members Martin Kölnberger, Jürgen Schaubhut, Erich Krause, Olaf Elias and Thomas Knapp, where you can find character pieces that give your personal living environment a very special aura.
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