March 25. 2020

On the road in Brandenburg - the magazine

A general store with antiques, an open-air museum of curiosities: in Marwitz there is 2 hectares of space to browse and marvel at. Everything seems like a giant played with antiques.
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March 1. 2019

Historically valuable

Door specialist Olaf Elias, with around 3,000 doors in stock, presents its treasures to the power tool company FESTOOL. Here, professional craftsmen, who carefully work on the old substance, can find beautiful old building doors, large house entrance doors as well as antique wooden doors for their customers. Of course, the huge warehouse offers further real historical treasures such as windows made of wood and iron or old brass fittings.
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September 21. 2018

Saving and recycling building history

Often at the last minute, Olaf Elias learns that, for example, an old villa in Berlin-Grunewald is being demolished. Then it is necessary to quickly contact the site manager and instruct the employees to carry out the recovery in order to save the irretrievable wall reliefs of the house facade.
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June 1. 2018

A marble pavilion from Alexandria

In Marwitz sammelt und verkauft Olaf Elias erhaltenswertes Material aus der Baugeschichte.
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June 1. 2018

4.-6.5.18: General meeting in Marwitz and Berlin

For the 52nd member meeting our new 1st board Olaf Elias and Nicole Wilken had thought up something very special. The garden city Frohnau, a guided tour in the Hedwig Bollhagen workshops and Clärchen's Ballhaus in Berlin
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August 19. 2016

Paradise for collectors and lovers of old originals near Berlin

The company Historische Bauelemente - Olaf Elias presented itself at the denkmal in Leipzig with a broad auction offer during the last denkmal in 2014. This year, the company is once again significantly expanding its commitment during denkmal
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March 1. 2016

"valuable again" Historical building elements on ZDF

Presenter Andrea Ballschuh goes on an antique hunt together with two experts. They examine aging old pieces or bizarre items of junk and decide whether they can be made valuable again. Refurbishing or reworking is the motto of the new show "valuable again". A total of 5 episodes of the "refinement show" were broadcast on ZDF in 2016.
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August 19. 2015

Make more beautiful with antique building materials - UHB-Members Country Style

The magazine Country Style introduces the companies of our members Martin Kölnberger, Jürgen Schaubhut, Erich Krause, Olaf Elias and Thomas Knapp, where you can find character pieces that give your personal living environment a very special aura.
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March 1. 2011

Salvage Cumberland - Historical building elements

Das Haus Cumberland in Berlin am Kurfürstendamm ist ein denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude. Es stammt aus dem Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts, diente als Hotel und Sitz verschiedener Verwaltungen. Seit dem Jahr 2011 ist es restauriert und zum Geschäfts- und Wohnhaus umgebaut worden. Olaf Elias hat mit seinem Bergungsteam viele Badeinrichtungen, Türen und Fenster vor dem Umbau retten können.
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