But let him tell the news himself: 4.0

Refreshed, relaunched, recycled ... no matter which word you finally want to use: Almost exactly 20 years after our first website, a new, fourth version went online. It was a lot of work, which took almost two and a half years with interruptions and idle times, for which the Borghoff office in Freiburg, which also produced the website this time, but only bore a small part of the responsibility.

What is the same?

In the last two and a half years, we have maintained the contents of the new website and the old one in parallel. This means, for example, that the old content from the "News" section can also be found on the new page. You will also find many other contents on our new website. Our company colours have also remained, but have now been brought into play more vigorously.

What's new?

New is the design, which is of course also "responsive", i.e. easy to use on smartphones as well as tablets and desktops. What is also new is that you will find about 800 different prices on our new website, which we can change and update via our merchandise management system. What's not quite finished yet are extensive price lists, for example for individual occupational groups. But even with the initial content, the depth of information on the website has increased considerably compared to the old one.

What is also new is that we can now very easily establish a connection between our products, the appropriate references, FAQs or other technical information. After we have been hesitant about the topic of photos for a long time, we want to present our products more and more with photos. Here is a start made, but only the sky sets the limits for this topic.

Even though our approach was to adopt the contents 1:1, we started in the last weeks before the final to add the new products of the last two years to the incomplete product pages of the old website. Completely new are the products under the keywords "outside pages" and in this width practically new are the whole product pages "sawn timber from old, sawn oak beams". On the old website we summarized all this on one page, which now spreads on the new website over a total of 18 product pages with almost 200 individual prices.

The link between our merchandise management system and the website was the catalyst for the restructuring and standardisation of these product groups. We took the work on the website as an opportunity to give this increasingly important area of KNAPP an appropriate place for its business share and to redesign it with a uniform feature structure and thus with comparable prices.

You can now directly start the price comparison, for example between "saw rough boards" and "outside of old beams", both of which are available in the specification "made to measure, technically dried, 50 mm thick, desired length 60 to 120 cm" and which cost 296.91 euros per m² on one occasion and 351.05 euros per m² on the other. And of course you will also find a large number of other specifications such as mixed dimensions ("falling lengths and widths"), air-dry or thicknesses from 2 to 90 mm or planed surfaces ...

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