August 21. 2015

Half-timbered renovation with sure instinct - an article in the newspaper Die Welt

The article "Fachwerk-Sanierung mit Fingerspitzengefühl" in the newspaper "Die Welt" reports about the topic "Fachwerk-Sanierung", the UHB and the development of the Fachwerk scene.
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August 19. 2015

Make more beautiful with antique building materials - UHB-Members Country Style

The magazine Country Style introduces the companies of our members Martin Kölnberger, Jürgen Schaubhut, Erich Krause, Olaf Elias and Thomas Knapp, where you can find character pieces that give your personal living environment a very special aura.
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July 17. 2015

Attention, construction site farm! Conversion and restoration of an old farmhouse

A children's book also for adults. On the subject of "historical building materials", this book explains with great drawings and photos how an old, listed farm can be converted into a holiday farm and restored.
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July 13. 2015

New company premises of Historische Baustoffe Ingo Selent GmbH

On 13 and 14 June 2015 we inaugurated our new premises in the old Fülmer School in Eisbergen (a district of Porta Westfalica/North Rhine-Westphalia).
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April 28. 2015

Holidays in a listed building - Historical building materials in a holiday home

The idea of offering restored monuments as holiday homes very close to their original condition has been inspiring UHB Managing Director H.Christoph Freudenberger since the 1990s. The WP61 Railway Keeper's House on the Black Forest Railway is such an object!
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October 8. 2013

The ecological restorer Jürgen Zmelty

Save instead of throwing away. The trained carpenter has a mission: He wants to restore the old building materials so that they can shine again in a new home. He wants to keep what others just throw away.
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March 1. 2011

Salvage Cumberland - Historical building elements

Das Haus Cumberland in Berlin am Kurfürstendamm ist ein denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude. Es stammt aus dem Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts, diente als Hotel und Sitz verschiedener Verwaltungen. Seit dem Jahr 2011 ist es restauriert und zum Geschäfts- und Wohnhaus umgebaut worden. Olaf Elias hat mit seinem Bergungsteam viele Badeinrichtungen, Türen und Fenster vor dem Umbau retten können.
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