March 1. 2019

Modern recycled façade made of historical reused oak boards

The client wanted a comprehensive sustainability concept for the new building of the municipal utility branch at the gates of Neustadt in Holstein. The company Thomas Knapp Historische Baustoffe supplied the old wood for the outer facade.
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February 13. 2019

Everything has to go! Big auction in Freiburg

Our member "Historische Türen Florian Langenbeck" clears his warehouse in Freiburg im Breisgau, and auctions on 2 days the complete stock of old building materials, historical doors and curious single elements.
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November 30. 2018

8.-10.11.18: Annual general meeting in Leipzig & Messe denkmal

Whenever the denkmal takes place in Leipzig and that is every two years, we hold our annual general meeting on Sunday after the fair has ended.
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November 24. 2018

A denkmal-gold medal for Knapp Historical Building Materials

It was a nice surprise for Thomas Knapp at the end of this year's denkmal in Leipzig when he and his staff were invited to the medal ceremony on stage.
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September 21. 2018

Saving and recycling building history

Often at the last minute, Olaf Elias learns that, for example, an old villa in Berlin-Grunewald is being demolished. Then it is necessary to quickly contact the site manager and instruct the employees to carry out the recovery in order to save the irretrievable wall reliefs of the house facade.
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June 8. 2018

An article about our member "Historische Baustoffe Ostalb" in a local newspaper

A journalist from the Heidenheimer Zeitung deliberately went into the visual overload and yet found the forest under trees. Everything is captured in this text and in the photographer's beautiful picture series.
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June 1. 2018

4.-6.5.18: General meeting in Marwitz and Berlin

For the 52nd member meeting our new 1st board Olaf Elias and Nicole Wilken had thought up something very special. The garden city Frohnau, a guided tour in the Hedwig Bollhagen workshops and Clärchen's Ballhaus in Berlin
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June 1. 2018

A marble pavilion from Alexandria

In Marwitz sammelt und verkauft Olaf Elias erhaltenswertes Material aus der Baugeschichte.
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April 16. 2018

Rupp Historische Baustoffe at new location

After months of intensive work, our member Rupp Historische Bautoffe has now moved to its new location in Niederrimsigen.
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November 20. 2017

27.-29.10.17: Annual general meeting in Endschütz

We had great expectations of this meeting. Unknown place, important decisions and decisions, all this made us travel to Thuringia with excitement. And we were not disappointed. All is well, that means in New German, but read for yourself.
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