December 9. 2016

"Separating building rubble saves money" - a tip from H. Christoph Freudenberger

In the article "Separating building rubble saves cash money" the managing director of the UHB, H. Christoph Freudenberger, gives tips on how to save waste fees or even make cash out of the building materials.
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December 9. 2016

10-12.11.16: Annual general meeting in Leipzig & Messe denkmal

The preparations of the UHB lasted more than one year, on November 10th it was time, the denkmal 2016 opened its doors and the UHB was present with a broad mass presence.
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November 20. 2016

"Open the door - light on", a special exhibition at the open-air museum Cloppenburg

The Oldenburg civil engineer, professional and university lecturer Prof. Dr. Klaus Struve, has been collecting lights and door fittings from the Gründerzeit, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Classic Modern periods for five decades.
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October 25. 2016

Hubert Rupp Historic building materials for the first time at denkmal

Already two years ago Hubert Rupp sent offers from his range to the UHB auction at the "denkmal" in Leipzig. This year for the first time he will also present his range of historical beams and planks to the trade public as an exhibitor.
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October 11. 2016

Large auction at denkmal Leipzig

As already announced, the Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe e.V. (Association of Historical Building Materials) (UHB) will be auctioning off 60 historical objects from its members' holdings on all three days of the "denkmal" trade fair from 10 to 12 November 2016 from 4.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
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September 22. 2016

KNAPP at denkmal: We make everything out of historical oak

Thomas Knapp Historische Baustoffe GmbH" took part in this year's "denkmal" for the first time as an exhibitor at "denkmal 2014" with the same concept and to a greater extent.
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September 5. 2016

Draughtsman Müller decorates the UHB appearance in Leipzig

Slowly but surely an overall picture is emerging for the UHB's appearance at denkmal in Leipzig in November.
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August 19. 2016

Paradise for collectors and lovers of old originals near Berlin

The company Historische Bauelemente - Olaf Elias presented itself at the denkmal in Leipzig with a broad auction offer during the last denkmal in 2014. This year, the company is once again significantly expanding its commitment during denkmal
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July 20. 2016

Success gives courage - HBO is back again

Historische Baustoffe Ostalb HBO will once again be present at denkmal, the leading European trade fair for monument preservation, restoration and renovation, in Leipzig in November.
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July 15. 2016

A district disappears - An article in the Südwest Presse

The article "Stadtviertel verschwindet - Scheunenteile sollen neu verbaut werden" reports about our members Martin Häberle (Historische Baustoffe Ostalb).
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