Keyword lumber:

Under the keyword construction timber you will find oak, spruce and fir wood, often abbreviated to Fi/Ta, and to a lesser extent pine wood. Other types of wood have been used more by chance or only sporadically.


The availability of the material is basically very good. Smaller quantities under 10 cubic metres of standard cross-sections are usually available directly from the corresponding suppliers. Larger quantities, larger cross-sections and longer lengths require a certain organizational lead time. The more requirements you have, the earlier you should contact the suppliers.


Typical components and keywords on the subject of construction timber:

  • hand-hammered spruce and fir beams
  • hand-hammered oak beams
  • sawn timberwork
  • complete half-timbered houses
  • truss elements: threshold, columns, stand, corner post, frame, bow, brace, headband
  • arched gateways
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