About doors

Doors are the easiest parts of the house to recover. Drive there, unhook it, that's it. So it's no wonder that many suppliers have a large number of doors. At second glance, however, it also becomes clear that the matter is not that simple.

Because what applies to all other components applies even more to doors: the more specific your requirements are, the more difficult it is to find the right door. And since there is hardly any component where the technical and aesthetic requirements can be combined so freely as with doors, it may very well be that you come to a supplier with, for example, 1000 doors in stock and you won't be able to find an exactly fitting one.


Overall, the availability of historical doors is very good. The offer is quite high in width and depth. You can purchase historic doors in cleaned condition or including restoration and installation services.


Typical components and keywords on the topic

  • Portal, Front door, Apartment entrance door, Room door
  • right stop, left stop, cover
  • Swing door, sliding door, swing door, single-leaf, double-leaf, multileaf, fixed leaf, traffic leaf
  • Block frames, frame frames, frame frames
  • Rebated door leaf, butt hinged door leaf, rebate
  • Wooden door, door batten, double door, panel door, panel, frieze
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